The Mission of the Minter Field Airport District (MFAD) is to provide an airport for the General Aviation community that is safe, FAA compliant, efficient and fiscally responsible to the public.

MFAD shall provide its employees a safe work environment and support equal opportunity for all.

MFAD will ensure that lease and rental rates remain competitive with the surrounding area and maintain the industrial and airport facility in accordance with local, state and federal requirements, while promoting successful business ventures and fair and equal treatment of all tenants.


The District was formed in 1985 by interested tenants and aviation members of the local community. The District is an independent Special District sanctioned under California law for the performance of local government functions within specified boundaries. The agency name identifies with the services provided for a high level of accountability and responsibility to the public. According to the State Legislative Analyst, independent Special Districts have consistently shown the slowest rate of spending growth for local governments. Independent Special Districts are independently audited, and subject to state and public scrutiny like other forms of local government.


Minter Field was originally constructed under the Defense Landing Area Program for the U.S. Army as a flight training center opening in 1941. It was a city within itself having served the 7,000 personnel stationed at the airfield during World War II for training, living and recreational needs. Although many of the facilities have been removed over the years, there was a chapel, swimming pool, theater, post office, and infirmary, among just a few of the services that were provided for those stationed here. The remaining buildings are now used as offices or warehouses including the Airport Administration Office.

Minter Field was run by the U.S. Army from 1941 to 1949. Upon the close of the war, the airfield was turned over to the County of Kern which managed the airport until 1985. In 1985 the Minter Field Airport District was formed by tenants and local citizens interested in aviation to take over the ownership and operation of the Airport from the County.

During its rich history, many men and women passed through Minter Field adding to its history with a piece of their own. Some have come back to visit and share their memories of the swimming pool, infirmary, or even the chapel where they married the love of their life. Some have come to honor their fathers who were stationed here and talked about it so much. One in particular that comes to mind is the gentlemen from the Philippines that was the first of his nation trained here at Minter Field to go back and train his own people. He was so excited to get to come back and see it again. It made us all feel excited and it was an honor to meet such a pioneer.

In more recent history, Minter Field was the site of the first flight of the Gossamer Condor, the first man powered flight.

Minter Field has been the home of several of the Reno Air Racers, Strega, Miss TNT, Warlock, and the Huntress. It is not uncommon to see several other colorful P51s or AT6 race planes scream by when it is getting close to race time.

Minter Field has been the sight of the Warbirds In Action Air Show for the past 16 years sponsored by the Minter Field Air Museum. We hope to see someone planning an Event for the near future.

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